' Bloody Point Vineyard - Merlot



Merlot is a dark blue colored grape.  Many use it in blends or as a single varietal. We use it for both, blending a small amount with our Cabernet Franc, Syrah blend and bottling the extra.  It is a lower tannin wine and has a softness to it which makes it perfect for blending. Our Merlot has a rich ruby red color, with aromas of strawberries.   Because it is the least winter hardy of all our reds, we only get a limited amount and cannot offer it every year as a single varietal. If Merlot is a favorite of yours, you should stock up when we do have it available!

It pairs well with many red meats, especially if charred or grilled.  It also goes well with Salmon, and dishes containing mushrooms or green olives. Merlot is mild enough to enjoy alone or with appetizers.

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